CA Lemon Law and the Warranty Period

The California lemon laws are designed to protect the Californians who believe they have been misled by manufacturers/dealers. When you buy a vehicle that doesn’t perform as said at the time of purchase you feel to be cheated.  In this case, you pay the money for the “best” product but get a lemon instead. It really pains and you want either your money back or similar product of the best quality.

People who are not aware of this law generally think that it is a little difficult to understand. The CA lemon law protects buyers of new as well as used vehicles that turn to be defective. It also entitles them to receive a refund or replacement. Your leased car also can be covered by the California lemon law if it is under the warranty period.

The California Lemon Law is generally known as the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and applies to the manufacturers/dealers that are unable to repair the defects impairing the use, value, and safety of the vehicle in the warranty period after a reasonable number of attempts.

The single limitation of the lemon law is that it is applicable as long as your vehicle is under warranty. However, if the first repair takes place while the vehicle is under warranty period, the vehicle can come out of warranty and still be protected by the California Lemon Law.

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