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GM Facing a Cadillac SUV Class Action Lawsuit

Actually, Cadillac owners in the U.S. filed a lawsuit against General Motors (GM). The Cadillac SUV class action states that Cadillac SRXs of the model year 2010-2013 come with a sunroof defect. This may result […]


$553.6M Settlement to be Paid in Takata Airbag Lawsuit

Actually, a $553.6 million settlement has been reached in multi-district litigation (MDL). It includes the following automakers: Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, and BMW, who will have to pay this amount of money. Thus, it will end claims, […]


What is a Class Action Lawsuit and How to File It?

A suit, an action or a cause which is initiated between two individuals/parties in the court is called a lawsuit. The parties are- the plaintiff and the defendant. The first party submits a claim against […]

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Tesla Class Action Lawsuit Alleges the Automaker’s Autopilot Software Is Dangerous

The automaker Tesla is currently facing a consumer fraud class action. According to Tesla class action lawsuit, the auto manufacturer sold 2016-2017 models which come with inoperative standard safety features. In addition to that, the […]


Volkswagen, Audi class action lawsuit: Some vehicles Have Engine Defect

As a matter of fact, both Volkswagen and Audi currently face defective automobile class action lawsuit. What is the problem? Actually, the Volkswagen, Audi class action lawsuit alleges these automakers knew that certain models have […]


Honey Stinger Maple Waffles: Do they Really Contain Maple Syrup?

According to a recent class action lawsuit, the Honey Stinger maple waffles do not actually contain maple syrup. The company is advertising its waffles as containing the needed syrup. However, the plaintiff of the class […]

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New GM Class Action Lawsuit due to an Emissions Issue

A new GM class action lawsuit alleges that Chevrolet has practiced false marketing and advertising practices. More concretely, the manufacturer is accused of cheating on its consumers regarding GM’s diesel engine. The manufacturer has stated […]


Class Action Lawsuit against Toyota, Ford and GM

On March 10, 2015 Dallas-based trial attorney Marc R. Stanley filed a class action lawsuit against Toyota Ford and GM. The attorney claims that the aforementioned manufacturers failed to fix a defect that allows vehicles […]


Hyundai and Kia Settlement Options offered to the Consumers

Hyundai and Kia are going to pay up to $400 million to settle consumer class action lawsuits related to overstated fuel economy ratings in the United States. The consumers now have more choices in the […]


BMW Class Action Lawsuit filed by the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian

The California-based Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian recently filed a class action lawsuit against BMW. The thing is that the manufacturer that produces BMW and MINI vehicles has built and retailed more than one million […]

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