Chevrolet Cruze Recall

General Motors has started a Chevrolet Cruze recall. Affected are 2013-2014 model years Chevrolet Cruze compact sedans with manual transmissions. The automaker produced the affected vehicles between January 24 and August 1, 2013. The recall covers nearly 3,161 cars.

According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the right front half shaft in the affected vehicles may fracture and detach causing lots of trouble to the drivers.

If the half shaft separates while the vehicle is parked, the vehicle may move suddenly by itself. In another occasion, if the problem occurs during the drive, the vehicle may come to a stop slowly. In the two cases mentioned above, there is always a risk of a car crash and injuries as a result of it.

According to the automaker, it has already notified the owners about the Chevrolet Cruze recall. The dealers will inspect the vehicles and fix the problem free of charge. Owners may contact the automaker at 800-521-7300 for additional information.