How to choose a Lemon Law Lawyer?

If you have got a Lemon, you had better leave aside your thoughts of suing the manufacturer on your own. Common people very rarely achieve good results when trying to sue the manufacturer without the help of a Lemon law lawyer. A good lawyer may be able to help you collect all the damages you have suffered due to having a defective car.

The question is how to choose a Lemon law lawyer? Lemon law is a specific field in civil litigation that requires years of experience and talent. Hence, one cannot choose a Lemon lawyer randomly. Following are some basic ideas that will help you make a good choice of a lemon attorney:

  • Your first step in finding a Lemon lawyer should be surfing online directories and finding someone who works in your local area or state. The thing is that Lemon laws differ from state to state and, for example, a Connecticut Lemon lawyer may not be as familiar with the California Lemon law as to handle the case for you.
  • Call several of the law firms you have found in your area and tell them about your case. Use your critical thinking skills to judge whether the answers given by the lawyer are logical and coherent or not. Refine the list of the law firms after the phone calls and prepare for visits to those firms that seemed more convincing to you.
  • When talking to the lawyer, ask him/her specific questions about the procedures your case may undergo. See whether the ideas suggested by the lawyer are realistic or not. Some lawyers may exaggerate things so as to get the case.
  • Do not overlook general information about the lawyer, as well. For example, you can ask how many years the lawyer is in that field, how many cases he/she has lost and how many he/she has won. However, years of practice may sometimes be secondary to the talent that a certain Lemon lawyer has.
  • Ask the lawyer whether he/she practices other laws as well. Fewer the laws lawyer practices, greater the degree of experience he/she may have in those laws.
  • Ask about the attorney’s fees. This is another important question to ask so that you can choose a Lemon law lawyer. The thing is that a good lawyer will most probably work on a contingency fee basis. This means that the lawyer will be paid only when the case is either settled or won. Besides, the fee is usually collected from the manufacturer, not the customer.
  • If the attorney refuses to go to trial, then he/she may not be experienced enough. Hence, to see whether the attorney is ready to go to trials, ask them to see the results of their previous trials.
  • Usually, a skilled auto mechanic is needed to see whether the vehicle is a ”lemon” or not. Some law firms make their customers pay for the services of the mechanic. However, a top-notch law firm will cover all the expenses on its own. Later on, they will collect all the money from the manufacturer, if they are able to win the case for the customer.

These are some basic tips that will help you choose a Lemon law lawyer to settle your case. And remember to rely on your intuition as well. If you have got a defective vehicle, you may contact The Margarian Law Firm for legal help. You can call us at (818) 553-1000 for more information.