What to do if you suspect your car to be a lemon? Contact our California lemon law attorney and get your money back.California lemon law gives clear insights on what is considered a lemon vehicle and how consumers may restore their rights and get relevant compensation. However, this information is not enough to win a lawsuit against a well-established vehicle manufacturer. First of all, regardless of how difficult the case is, we would advise you to contact a professional California lemon law attorney and get a FREE case evaluation. It would be much easier and effective to go through this process with a trusted attorney representing you.

So, when you suspect your car to be a lemon, the first thing to do is to check the documentation of the vehicle, including express warranties and user’s manual, where you will find information on how and whom to contact in case you need technical assistance with the car.

The next stp is to take your lemon car to the dealership or manufacturer’s authorized dealer facilities for repair. The manufacturer must try to repair the vehicle within a reasonable number of repair attempts. Make sure to collect and safely keep all related documentation; repair orders, records of conversations, and any other important communications.

If the repair facilities fail to fix the defects, you should contact the dealership or the manufacturer directly clearly describing the situation and your demands. Make sure to give written notice, containting your name, address, phone number, a description (year, make and model) of the vehicle you’re planning to declare a lemon, the VIN (vehicle identification number), and an explanation of what’s wrong with the vehicle. The notice should also state that attempts made by the dealer and manufacturer to repair the vehicle have not worked, and you expect a replacement or refund within 60 days of mailing your letter.

This notice or letter must be mailed no later than 60 days after the initial warranty is up.

Before filing a lemon law suit and applying to the court, you may want to settle the problem through one of the state-certified arbitration programs. Arbitration boards are negotiators who seek to resolve certain issues before they go to court. The good thing about arbitration is that even if you don’t like its outcome you can still file a lawsuit and go to the court. But if you are fine with the results, the manufacturer is bound by the arbitration and cannot file a lawsuit to appeal that decision.

So, if you are still unsure how to act to get the best possible solution for your lemon law case, than call 818.990.0418 and our California lemon law attorney will restore your consumer rights under CA Lemon Law.