Ford Expands Airbag Recall after Woman Death

Another Takata airbag recall burst out in the U.S. after the death of a pregnant Malaysian woman in a car accident involving a defective airbag.

Ford Motor Co. has issued another recall to cover more 2004-2005 Ranger small pickup trucks because they have the same inflators to a Honda vehicle involved in a fatal car crash that caused the woman`s death in July.

Ford has announced a recall immediately after the NHTSA launched a review to specify which vehicles have air bags similar to one in a Honda vehicle which killed a Malaysian woman four months ago.

The number of recalled vehicles is not specified. The Ranger pickups are among 26,000 vehicles that the automaker has additionally included in the list of recalls announced in June due to defective Takata airbags, which covered only passenger airbags. The total number of recalled vehicles reached 85,000.

Ford has identified that the driver`s side and passenger Takata airbags had an inflator that was produced with a defective component. When the airbag is deployed in the event of a crash, the inflator might explode and send metal fragments into the driver and the occupants. The automaker will replace airbags in the vehicles involved in current Ford recall.

All of the Ford recalled is in high-humidity areas. Takata has reported that moisture can provoke the air bag propellant to burn too quick breaking the metal canisters.

The NHTSA is investigating defective Takata air bags from all affected car makers. Safety regulators are paying close attention at all of the aspects in our pursuit of safety, according to the NHTSA`s deputy administrator David Friedman.

Takata is one of the leading suppliers of vehicle safety systems and products in the world. More than 12 million vehicles worldwide were recalled due to a defective inflator in the Takata airbags. At least five deaths and many injuries have been are linked to the issue. Tokyo-based part maker has announced that there are no incidents or fatalities involving drivers-side airbag explosion in the Ford Ranger pickups.

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