We Will Handle Your Lemon Law Case At No Out-of-pocket Cost To You

Did you buy a product, which turned out to be a “lemon” and now seek to file a claim? You will most likely calculate the attorney fees first. Probably much to your relief, the lemon laws in every state oblige the manufacturer of the defective vehicle to pay all the statutory fees. This means that your attorney will build and handle your lemon law case at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Moreover, once you win the case, you will not pay any percentage of the monetary award to your attorney.


What Should I Know about the Lemon Laws?

Lemon laws are American federal and state laws that safeguard the rights of car owners who have purchased or leased defective vehicles. The lemon laws may vary by state. However, they provide remedies when the lemon products covered by the lemon law are defective in quality and performance.


What Kind of Remedies are Available for a Lemon Claim?

One of the remedies available under the lemon legislation entitles the consumer to a repurchase of the vehicle. This may happen if the manufacturer cannot repair the purchased vehicle within a “reasonable number of attempts”.

Another remedy that the consumer may seek in the course of his case is the replacement remedy. This means, that the manufacturer provides you with a comparable vehicle as a replacement. In this case, the vehicle must have a substantial similarity to the original vehicle or may be newer bearing similar features.


How Much Do I Have to Pay to a Lemon Law Attorney?

You need to know that no ‘up-front’ costs or fees are required when you hire a lemon law attorney. Both federal and state lemon laws provide that the manufacturer shall pay the attorney fees and reasonable statutory costs associated with the claim.

Usually, the lemon law attorney must itemize the fees for his services and later submit them to the manufacturer for payment. The expenses are not involved in the monetary award of your lemon law case. This means that you do not have to pay anything from your monetary compensation to the attorney unless otherwise agreed.


Building the Case with the Right Attorney

If you believe that the manufacturer has dishonored his contractual obligations, you need to consult an expert lawyer to initiate your lemon law case right away. Proceeding with the claim can be a lengthy process, but the valid claim and right attorney lie above all the other factors. It is important that you discuss your claim with at a seasoned law firm and thus maximize your chances for a successful claim. Our lemon law attorneys at the Margarian Law will check whether you have a valid and a feasible claim.

Moreover, our lemon law attorneys offer a free consultation and will not leave you with what the manufacturer puts on the table. Instead, they will pursue your case to an appropriate standard and will seek the best successful outcome tailored to your claim.