Know your Lemon Law rights

Buying a car is a major purchase that sometimes becomes a real reward for the purchaser. Yet, nothing is more frustrating than buying a car that turns out to be a lemon. Being well informed of your Lemon Law rights can save you money and stress in the long run.

A car with defects that the manufacturer is not able to repair after a reasonable number of attempts is considered a ‘’lemon’’. Nonconformity of the car is determined by the defects that impair the use, safety and value of the car. The buyer or lessee of a car can seek protection under both state and federal law if the car he bought or leased does not perform properly under a warranty.

Knowing your Lemon Law rights will refrain you from many troubles, however, it does not substitute for consulting a lemon law attorney. An experienced and knowledgeable Lemon Law attorney, like those working at the Margarian Law firm, will best advise you on your Lemon Law rights, as well as explain the details and circumstances of your case.

Your Lemon Law  Rights in the Scope of CA Lemon Law

It is vital to know your Lemon Law rights as a consumer. The California Lemon law presumes that consumers can return a ‘’lemon’’ car in 18 months  (18,000 miles have accrued on the car’s odometer) from the date of purchase. In this case, the manufacturer should replace the ‘’lemon’’ car or reimburse the amount of the purchase. The manufacturer must be notified about the defects in the written form if the warranty materials require so.

The manufacturer should try to repair the car defect in a reasonable number of attempts. Generally, four repair attempts are considered reasonable. In most states, if a car remains in the repair shop for a certain number of states, the car may be declared a ‘’lemon’’.

However, if the manufacturer fails to repair your car after several attempts or unreasonably delays replacing it or reimbursing the purchase amount, you have the right to request arbitration to resolve the matter.  Yet, it is better to hire a Lemon law attorney to handle the case in a professional and profitable manner. Note that you do not have to pay your lawyer out-of-pocket fees, as the manufacturer pays the bill at the end of the case if you win.

So, if you find it difficult to enforce your Lemon Law rights and/or are sure that the manufacturer acts inappropriately, do not hesitate to contact the experienced Lemon Law attorneys at the Margarian Law firm. They know all the ins and outs of the California Lemon Law and can fight for your rights getting the best possible settlement for your case. The knowledgeable attorneys at the Margarian Law firm will help you to get the maximum recovery on your ‘’lemon’’ without charging any out-of-pocket legal fee. The Margarian Law firm attorneys will evaluate your case and guide in the complex Lemon Law rights acquisition process.