Lemon Law Arbitration – Do It and End Up with Nothing

Lemon law arbitration is considered as a quick and affordable method of resolving lemon law claims. It seems attractive to consumers as it does not require litigation and hiring a lemon law attorney. Arbitration helps you resolve lemon law disputes without going to court. The case is settled by an unbiased 3rd party, called arbitrator. Indeed, lemon law arbitration is a quick way of resolving lemon law disputes, yet, the chances are high that you will end up with nothing as a consumer.

The reality is that Lemon law arbitration claims are typically not in consumers’ best interests. It is the manufacturer’s preferred method to resolve Lemon law claims because it is more in their favor than in a consumer’s. Car manufacturers usually have broad experience in such matters and can easily make use of consumer’s lack of knowledge. They will try to convince you to opt out for arbitration instead of filing a lawsuit claiming that it is time and money savvy. As a result, they will use all in their power to leave you with your lemon car without any reimbursement at the end.

Firstly, you are not supposed to be supported by a Lemon law attorney, so the manufacturer can easily make you sign a settlement and end up with nothing. The manufacturer will assure that they will not be represented by an attorney either. However, take into consideration that the manufacturer’s representative is a person whose entire job is arbitrating Lemon law cases and he/she will be experienced enough to benefit the manufacturer. Thus, you will appear in an unfavorable condition.

Secondly, as a consumer, you have limited access to the discovery of evidence. This means that the manufacturer has the right to refuse you the information on the occasion.  Having less access to information usually can have dramatic consequences for you and benefit the manufacturer to a greater extent.

Finally, to the contrary to the common belief, arbitration will increase your transaction costs of litigation. In arbitration, a consumer must contribute to the cost of the arbitrator, hearing room, reporter, and clerk. In a Lemon law lawsuit, you do not have to pay anything as Lemon law attorneys usually work on contingency fees.

The experienced Lemon law attorneys at the Margarian Law firm provide the highest quality service for lemon car owners and fight for their rights aggressively to get the compensation they really deserve.