How does the California Lemon Law Cover Used Cars?

Day by day more and more people discover the benefits of buying a used car as opposed to new ones. For instance, if you cannot afford your dream car, opting out for the same car model’s used version can save you big bucks. Yet, some people believe that buying a used car means buying someone else’s problems as well. This is true when you have to deal with a lemon car. Generally, a used car is more likely to be a “lemon” than a new car. Even so, California’s lemon law statute, known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, protects used car owners in many ways.

The California Used Car Lemon Law provides legal protection for those who purchase or lease a used vehicle or car that is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Thus, if you purchased a used car, truck, SUV, van or other vehicles in the Golden State that is still covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty, you are protected by one of the most consumer-friendly lemon law in the states.

Cars and Vehicles Covered by California Used Car Lemon Law

The owners of used lemon cars are covered by Used Car Lemon Law and thus, entitled to compensation in the form of a refund, replacement or cash if their cars meet the following requirements:

  • The used cars or vehicles are purchased and used primarily for personal, family or household purposes.
  • The used cars or vehicles that weigh not more than 10,000 pounds and are used primarily for business purposes where 5 or fewer vehicles are registered to the company.
  • The used cars or vehicles that are sold with a written warranty.
  • The Lemon cars or vehicles that are repurchased by a manufacturer and then resold to consumers with a manufacturer’s warranty covering the defects.

As mentioned above, used vehicles are to be covered by a written warranty in order to qualify for protection under the California Used Car Lemon Law. Yet, the warranty does not have to be the original manufacturer warranty. A used car dealership’s written warranty is enough to qualify a used vehicle purchase for lemon law protection. Dealers’ warranties are usually restricted up to 3 months, but sometimes may be longer depending on the dealership.  The Buyer’s Guide specifies whether or not you receive a dealer warranty. Lemon cars or other vehicles that have been repurchased as buybacks by the manufacturer and resold with new express written warranties covering the defect may also be covered under the guidelines of the CA Lemon Laws.

Restriction to California Used Car Lemon Law

Your defective car or vehicle is not entitled to protection under California Used Car Lemon Law if:

  • The problems are caused by the abuse after the car was delivered to the consumer.
  • The car’s warranty terms for maintenance and proper use were not followed properly.

Hire a CA Lemon Law Attorney

Still not sure whether your defective car purchase is qualified under California Used Car Lemon Law or not? An experienced Lemon Law attorney can help you understand your rights under California Used Car Lemon Law and receive the best recovery to cover the damages and costly expenses. The skillful and knowledgeable Lemon Law attorneys know the ins and outs of CA lemon law. We are eager to handle your lemon case effectively, to get quicker resolution as well as receive the compensation you really deserve.