Can You “Lemon” a Leased Vehicle?

Leasing a car may have a range of benefits. First, leasing allows you to drive a better car for less money. Second, your monthly payments are typically lower. And finally, you can make use of low-priced repair costs as your car is covered by factory warranty. But what if your leased car turns out to be a lemon? This is a common question that leads to misunderstandings among many car lessees. The simple answer is YES, you can lemon a leased vehicle.

Every state has its own legal regulations regarding the protection of consumers who leased a lemon vehicle. If you are a California resident and leased a lemon car, you may share similar rights with those who purchased a lemon car. The California Lemon law Section 1795.4 states that leased goods qualify for protection under the lemon law. The lemon law statutes, protections, and other requirements apply to leased vehicles exactly the same way as they apply to purchased cars.

To find protection under the California Lemon law Section 1795.4, your leased lemon car must be covered by a manufacturer’s express warranty. Accordingly, California Lemon law will not work for you if the car you leased fails to have a manufacturer’s warranty. With a manufacturer’s warranty, you are enabled to file a lemon claim and receive compensation or vehicle replacement if your leased car appears to be a lemon.

Luckily, California is among the states that offer attorney’s fees and costs provision for its residents. This means that the manufacturer himself takes the responsibility of paying your attorney for the time spent on your case. You do not have to question whether you can afford attorney fees or not, because all the legal expenses are on the manufacturer provided that your attorney proves your leased car is a lemon.

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