Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC Recall Affecting 9K Vehicles

Nearly 9,000 vehicles are affected by the Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC recall. Included in the recall are model-year 2014 Ford Escape and model-year 2015 Lincoln MKC compact crossovers. Ford is also recalling 11,000 model-year 2015 Lincoln MKC crossovers in another recall.

In the first recall the problem is that the fuel pump may seize due to an issue with the nickel plating on it. If this occurs, the vehicle may either stall while in motion or it may not start at all, increasing the risk of a collision.

In the second recall, the vehicles are being called back to change the location of the push-button start. The thing is that the button is too close to other buttons. Drivers of the affected vehicles have shut off the engine while in motion due to this problem. If the engine is shut off, the restraint system also turns off automatically. If this occurs, the risk of an injury during an accident may be increased.

Ford and Lincoln dealers will inspect the affected vehicles and will fix both problems free of charge. Owners can contact the automaker at 866-436-7332 for more information about the Ford Escape and Lincoln MKC recall.

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