Mazda Tribute Recall: 33K Cars affected

Involved in Mazda Tribute recall are model-years 2008-2011 Mazda Tribute crossovers. Affected are nearly 33,000 vehicles built between October 5, 2006, and September 11, 2010.

The problem with the aforementioned vehicles is that the steering torque sensor is problematic and may not detect driver steering input properly. This may result in the system removing the electric power-steering assist. If this condition occurs, bigger driver effort will be needed to steer the vehicle at lower speeds. The condition may increase the risk of a collision and may result in injuries.

Mazda owners will start being notified about the recall in July, 2014. Dealers will inspect the vehicles and update the software, in necessary. All the repairs will be carried out free of charge fort he consumers. Concerned owners may contact the automaker at 248-295-7859 for more details about Mazda Tribute recall.

Legal Help

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