A New Audi Recall Affecting Q3 SUVs

In fact, Audi recalls over 24700 vehicles. Audi recall applies to 2016-2017 Audi Q3 compact crossover SUVs. The automaker made a decision of issuing this recall in order to fix the vehicles’ problems concerning parking brakes, as well as lights.

According to the information provided by the automaker, the brake lights of Q3 SUVs of the model year 2016-2017 fail to activate whenever vehicle owners use the parking brake in case of emergency braking.

The problem

In addition to that, Audi notes that whenever the car owner uses parking brake for emergency braking, people who are behind the vehicle, will not notice it. The reason is that brake light may simply fail. In spite of this, it has no impact on the functionality of a braking system. Thus, it just affects the vehicle’s brake light.

Regarding Audi recall, it’s worth mentioning that such problems may have sad consequences. That’s to say, affected vehicle owners may experience a rear-end car crash.  However, the vehicle driver who has appeared in an emergency situation and uses the parking brake is already in a dangerous situation.

What is the cause of this defect? Actually, the car maker refers to a software error in the gateway control unit, which makes the vehicle’s brakes fail. As a matter of fact, Audi found out about the issue while carrying out internal testing. It occurred in March 2016. After discovering this problem, the car maker took certain steps to fix the problem.


To begin with, Audi was planning to make a ‘’service campaign’’ for repairing this defect. However, Volkswagen (a parent company) mentioned that this step wasn’t enough. Volkswagen explained that it is necessary to  follow certain requirements. In other words, the parent company meant a line stated in federal standards. According to this line, stop lamps should be activated whenever the application of the service brakes occurs.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) noted on its website that a car, which approaches from behind, may not receive a warning that the vehicle is stopping. Well,  in this case, there is a risk of an accident.

Do you own one of the affected vehicles?

If you are the owner of a vehicle affected by Audi recall, you need to take your vehicle to your local dealership, as soon as you receive a recall notification. Dealers will fix your vehicle’s defect free of charge. Actually, the Audi recall should start in July. Do you still have questions concerning Audi recall? Don’t hesitate to call at 800 253 2834.