California Lemon Law is a consumer protection act that unlike most of the state laws provides for the rights of the owners of almost every motor vehicle. Besides the common cases of new or used lemon cars, there are a number of lemon law cases, including vehicles of different types.

Though every lemon law case is individual, however, California Lemon Law generally applies to the following types of vehicles;

• Cars
• Trucks
• SUVs
• Motor Homes and Recreational Vehicles
• Vans
• Motorcycles
• Scooters
• Other.

California lemon law covers the rights of motor home and RV owners as well as any other motor vehicle owners who are experiencing recurring problems with their vehicles. Lemon motor homes (RV) absolutely qualify under the Song-Beverly Act, California’s tough lemon law statutes. Under the Lemon Law, buyers who repair their motor home or RVs within a reasonable number of attempts are entitled to a replacement vehicle or a full refund. Read more on what is considered a reasonable number of attempts in the Tanner Consumer Warranty Act.

Originally California Lemon law covers all consumer products (excluding clothing and consumables) under manufacturer’s express warranty that are purchased mainly for personal, household or family use. Another common misconception is that California Lemon Law applies only to vehicle purchase deals, whereas the law actually refers to lemon cars and consumer goods regardless of their financing source, let it be purchased, leased or financed from any other legal source.

Both consumers and manufacturers have rights under California Lemon Law. The consumer is eligible to demand from manufacturer to repair his lemon consumer good and the manufacturer in his turn has the right to perform a reasonable number of warranty repairs to fix the problem. California Lemon Law states that only in case the manufacturer fails to repair the consumer good after being given a reasonable number of attempts, the consumer has the right to demand restitution.

In order to receive compensation from the manufacturer, consumers should carefully document everything related to the purchase or lease of the good and its repair orders. Make sure to be well prepared before fighting for your rights under California Lemon Law and for this reason we would advise you to hire a California lemon law attorney.