California lemon law attorney Hovanes Margarian shares his experience in lemon law, car fraud, car refund, used car laws and more through sample examples.Having many years of professional litigation experience California Lemon Law Attorney Hovanes Margarian has successfully handled hundreds of lemon law cases of different degrees of severity all across the state of California.

California lemon Law Attorney Mr. Margarian has earned restitution for the vast majority of his clients, including full buyback of a defective vehicle, full refund of the purchase or a cash settlement that fully satisfied the client’s needs. Due to his strong educational and professional background and hundreds of successfully settled lemon law cases, he is considered to be the most aggressive California lemon law attorney with one of the highest success rates.

Having dealt with a California Lemon Law attorney of this class, manufacturers often try to settle the issue with consumers beforehand in order to avoid a law suit conducted by Mr. Margarian. Generally after a successfully settled trial, the manufacturers demand a confidentiality condition, which is why we are unable to deliver a list of exact cases with exact names of the manufacturers and clients. But the California Lemon Law Attorney Hovanes Margarian has actually litigated lemon law cases against many leading manufacturers and their representatives.

We could possibly provide a long list of success stories for your information, but you would be unable to evaluate the difficulty degree of the cases and the professionalism degree of our California Lemon Law Attorney as well. When a vehicle encounters several substantial problems one doesn’t need to be an experienced attorney to litigate a lawsuit against the manufacturer and win it. Whereas achieving success in litigation of cases with extremely low success chances requires true professionalism and strategic thinking.

 As a small extract from the voluminous records of successful cases, we will represent statistics of the most unique and difficult lemon law cases litigated by California Lemon Law Attorney Hovanes Margarian;

  • The highest mileage of a litigated lemon car- 80,000 miles.
  • The minimum count of repair attempts litigated by California Lemon Law Attorney-2 attempts
  • Successful litigation of a lawsuit on the last day of the leasing agreement.
  • Successful litigation of a lawsuit even after the ending of the leasing agreement with restitution in a form of a full refund!

These are only a few examples of the highly professional performance of California Lemon law Attorney Hovanes Margarian. Trust your lemon law rights to Mr. Margarian and take that burden off your shoulders!

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