If you have got a defective vehicle and you reside in San Diego or your vehicle is registered in the state of California, then you should turn to a San Diego lemon lawyer for legal help.

Let us now give the definition of what we call a “lemon vehicle.” A vehicle is branded as “lemon” if it continuously exhibits violations that impair the use, value and the safety of the vehicle.

If the automobile stays in the repair shop for a cumulative of 30 days, then it may be branded as a “lemon.” Also, if the car has been in the repair shop for at least 2-3 times for the same defect within its warranty period and the problem could not be fixed, then the vehicle qualifies under California Lemon Law. In some cases, even one defect that may result in serious injury may make your vehicle a Lemon if the dealer is not able to fix it in one attempt.

Lemon Law cases differ from each other considerably, so if you think you have been sold a defective vehicle, you had better turn to an experienced Lemon Law lawyer for legal help.

You may ask: “Who pays San Diego Lemon lawyer”? The answer is that you do not have to. Most of the services are at no cost to the customer, especially if we speak about the services of the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian. The thing is that the California law allows the lawyer to recover their attorney fees from the manufacturer. If the lawyer wins the case for you then the manufacturer will pay the attorney fees to the lawyer.

Hence, if you think you have got a defective vehicle (SUV, RV, boat or yacht, leased vehicle, used vehicle etc.) then you can contact Hovanes Margarian for legal help within the state of California.