California Lemon Law Firm in San Francisco Our office has represented San Francisco lemon car victims on numerous cases. From small hybrid vehicles to limo vehicles, we have protected our clients’ investments and earned them their rightful buybacks.  The California Lemon Law is there to protect individual vehicle owners when their vehicle is defective and the manufacturer cannot repair the problem within a reasonable number of repair attempts. While few San Francisco auto dealerships are there to help their clients, most are quick to ignore the problems and do very little to remedy the situation.  Often dealership employees report that they cannot duplicate and verify the problem either intentionally or because of their negligence.

No matter how complicated or simple your car defects are, we are here to help you get your hard-earned dollars back and get you back behind the wheel of a safe vehicle again. If necessary, we often hire industry experts to inspect your vehicle at no cost to you. This inspection sometimes costs thousands of dollars; however, when the manufacturer intentionally rejects any of your complaints and claims, we are ready to produce reliable evidence and prove your lemon law case.

If you do not feel safe driving your vehicle, if you have been stranded on the road on numerous occasions, or if you are tired of the frequent visits to the authorized dealership for repairs, give us a call. We will fight for you and get your money back without any cost to you.