Santa Barbara Lemon Law & Car DefectsNo one wants to spend thousands of dollars on a new vehicle and not be able to drive safely on the beautiful beaches of Santa Barbara or the inland wine country. Our office is ready to talk to you, review your documents and evaluate your claims when the manufacturer is not able to fix your defective vehicle. Whether the dealership that services your car cannot duplicate the problem or simply fix the car problems you are having, we can step in and handle your case with efficiency and precision.

We have been helping California residents to get rid of their defective vehicles, receive a full refund of everything they have spent on the vehicle and be able to once again purchase or lease a safer problem-free vehicle. We understand that having a defective vehicle or a lemon car is not only financially unfair, but it brings a serious safety threat to your and your family.  While some automotive manufacturers may ignore your problems and refuse to remedy the situation to save a dollar, we will step in you help you receive you money back and put your safety first!

You do not have to suffer in the hand of a giant corporation that has many experienced lawyers working on their side. Give us a call at 818-990-0418 and we will step in and fight for rights as hard as the manufacturers work while denying your claims.