Ford Self-Driving Cars are Going to Deliver Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza and Ford, cooperate for testing self-driving cars. It is expected that these cars will operate without a driver. The goal is delivering food to consumers not exactly to their doors. Most probably, you can get your pizza near your doorway or curb.

To begin with, the project will explore how customers react in Ann Arbor and Michigan for a few weeks. Domino is choosing consumers who will get their delivery from a Ford Fusion Hybrid research car. The selection is done in a random way.  It’s worth noting that the first self-driving cars will have a driver. Most probably, a Ford engineer will be the driver. In addition to that, inside self-driving cars will be a group of researchers as well.

The consumers can take part in this process, only if they want. All the participants will have the opportunity of tracking the delivery car. They can do it via GPS with the help of ‘’Domino’s Tracker.’’

Details concerning self-driving cars

When self-driving cars are near the destination, customers will get a message. It contains instructions, which they should put into practice for retrieving their food. In this way, they can unlock the ‘’Domino’s Heatwave Compartment’’ which is in the Fusion Hybrid.

Roush Enterprises is the creator of the Domino’s Heatwave Compartment for this project.  It occurred in 2015 when Roush Enterprises and Domino worked together on self-driving cars.  Ford and Domino Pizza already finished the preliminary testing process at Mcity (urban self-driving environment, located on the campus of the University of Michigan).

It’s essential to point out that Ford is planning to start the production of self-driving vehicles in 2021. That’s why the automaker made a decision of carrying out a research.

Domino Pizza mentioned, that most of the questions refer to customers’ reactions. It’s interesting what customers think about going out and getting their delivery food. The companies wonder whether consumers will find it convenient to deal with electronic transactions. Customer satisfaction is important for both companies. The reason is that they won’t make large profits, in case sales decrease. If this happens, the number of self-driving cars will be reduced.

It’s true that this is a quite challenging project, as customers will have to go out to get their food delivery. For example, when the weather isn’t nice or customers live in a high-rise building, they may find it difficult to go out for getting their delivery.  Thus, consumers have to ‘’work’’ for getting pizza.

Domino Pizza used ‘’out of the ordinary’’ methods in the past. It occurred when the company utilized flying drones for delivering pizza to consumers in New Zealand.