Subaru Facing a Defective Windshield Class Action Lawsuit

Subaru is under class action lawsuit. The suit alleges the automaker of selling vehicles equipped with faulty windshields. Furthermore, the complaint notes, the automaker was aware of this defect, which can lead to the vehicle’s spontaneous shattering.

The plaintiff who filed the lawsuit is Lucia Luong. She purchased her new Subaru Outback of the model year 2015. The plaintiff claims it was in March when her vehicle cracked spontaneously. Luong accused Subaru of denying valid warranty. The goal is minimizing the automaker’s costs.
Luong pointed out in her complaint that the automaker has knowingly hidden the information concerning the vehicle’s windshield defect.


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Luong also states there are a lot of owners of Subaru Outback of the model year 2015-2016 in the U.S. who suffered because of their vehicles’ faulty windshield. The evidence of the above mentioned is the great number of complaints, which consumers filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), as mentioned in the complaint.
Furthermore, the suit adds that being well-aware of certain vehicles’ faulty windshield, Subaru failed to take any steps for letting drivers know of the defect or grant these people with any relief.

Actually, it’s worth noting the value of Subaru Outback vehicles has decreased significantly.

The lawsuit against Subaru alleges the automaker of failing to give class members the opportunity to benefit of their bargain. Additionally, the company put them into a dangerous situation because the vehicles have a safety related problem. As a consequence, class members had to spend their financial means to repair their vehicles both at its dealerships and other repair shops.

The complaint also notes Subaru indeed extended its warranty by two years for front windshield problems.  It referred to new vehicles. However, it is also true that it applied to only some class members. Additionally, when defective vehicle owners took their cars to dealerships to repair faulty windshields, they assert defective units were used during the replacement process, as the complaint says.

Thus, the plaintiff alleges Subaru of violating California’s Consumers Legal Remedies Act and Unfair Competition Law. Moreover, the suit also accuses the automaker of breach of implied and express warranties, as well as fraudulent omission.

Here is what the plaintiff seeks: replacement windshields, a refund for the money spent to repair defective windshields, an extended windshield warranty, etc.  It also includes the necessity of forbidding Subaru to sell faulty vehicles without informing customers of the faulty windshields.