Takata Airbag Recall: Mazda and Ford Want No Recall

This time Takata airbag recall affects 2.7 million airbag inflators. It applies to Ford, Nissan, and Mazda vehicles.

In fact, Nissan issued recalls to replace defective airbag inflators. However, Ford, as well as Mazda failed to take this step. The reason is that these automakers think their vehicles need no recall, at least not now.

That’s why; Ford and Mazda petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) not to participate in the Takata airbag recall.

Actually, a lot of airbag inflators were recalled in millions of vehicles. However, the 2.7 million airbag inflators contain a drying agent. It is the calcium sulfate which aims to protect the explosive chemical from moisture. Actually, the explosive chemical is the ammonium nitrate.

According to the information provided by Takata, Japanese supplier believed that these airbags are safe. When Takata conducted tests on airbag inflators, the supplier became aware of the problem. This occurred from 2005 to 2012. The earliest airbag inflators contained calcium sulfate, but inflators of later generations consisted of a different drying agent.

It was in March 2016, when Nissan together with Takata made of a decision of starting the process of testing, as well as recovering certain Nissan vehicles. The vehicles tested were the models that came with PSDI-5 inflators (which are using calcium sulfate as a desiccant).

In addition to that, the testing process consisted of the following: propellant analysis, as well as ballistic testing. It’s worth noting that by June, Ford had already initiated a recovery program.


Japanese supplier pointed out that airbag inflators containing calcium sulfate had no ruptures during ballistic tests. However, it is also true that certain airbag inflators had the ammonium nitrate losing density.  Takata mentions that this may cause vehicles equipped with these inflators to explode as soon as the airbags deploy.

It’s essential to note that Nissan is the car maker which initiated the first recall to replace defective airbag inflators. Thus, when the replacement inflators are available, 515 400 vehicles will be fixed. The following vehicles are on this list: Versa sedans of the model year 2007-2011 and Versa hatchbacks of the model year 2007-2012.

As a matter of fact, Mazda and Ford vehicles contain the rest of the affected inflators. According to Mazda, Takata airbag recall affects about 6 000 trucks. This means that the recall includes over 2 million vehicles. However, Ford has no desire to issue a recall.

Furthermore, the car maker informs that the inflators, pulled from vehicles reveal the ammonium nitrate isn’t affected. For this reason, the automaker assures it’s not necessary to initiate a recall.

Ford vehicles affected by the Takata airbag recall

So, what will happen when the NHTSA doesn’t approve Ford’s petition? In this case, the Takata airbag recall will affect more than 2 million Ford vehicles. This list includes the following vehicles: Ford Fusion of the model year 2006-2012, Mercury Milan of the model year 2006-2012, Ford Ranger of the model year 2007-2011, Lincoln MKZ of the model year 2006-2012, Ford Edge of the model year 2007-2010.