The Lemon Law and 5 Things You Should Know About It

In fact, the process of buying a vehicle is full of excitement and joy. Many consumers work hard and save money to become the owners of their dream vehicles. However, in some cases ‘’the flawless vehicle’’ may fall short of your expectations. This occurs when you notice that your malfunction on a regular basis. It is an irritating experience, isn’t it? Well, it’s not a secret for anyone that dealing with a defective vehicle is nothing pleasant, but don’t feel sad. You can rely on the protection under the lemon law.

It’s worth noting that the definition of a lemon car varies from state to state. This means that each state has its own requirements. Usually, a vehicle is a lemon, if it comes with a substantial defect, which may impact the value, as well as use and safety of the car. The lemon law of some states requires the vehicle to have an express warranty. Furthermore, the auto manufacturer must have the opportunity of repairing the vehicle. That’s to say, a reasonable number of attempts should be made to fix the problem. The exact number of repair attempts is also state specific.

If you are stuck with a lemon vehicle, take a look at these five essential things that you should know about the lemon law.

Keeping records

Do you want to prove that your vehicle is a lemon and qualifies for the protection under the lemon law? Well, in this case, you had better keep all the records. That’s to say, consider documenting everything. Actually, it may serve as an effective tool to help you win the lemon law case. So, when you notice that your vehicle’s problem reoccurs and take it to the repair shop, ensure that you receive an invoice and a record as well. What kind of information does the record contain? It contains the information concerning the concrete service performed. When you visit the repair shop again to take your car home, ask them to give you a copy of the repair order. You can also ask the dealership to provide the ‘’warranty history report’’ of your car. Here you may have access to the results of all your visits.

Reporting your lemon car issues to the dealer

Don’t hesitate to report all the issues of your lemon vehicle to the dealer. In this case, the dealer must make efforts to repair the vehicle. In fact, they must make a reasonable number of attempts to fix the vehicle’s problem. However, if they don’t succeed in fixing the problem, you can expect protection under the lemon law.

Describing your vehicle’s problem properly

What should you before dropping your defective car off? First of all, don’t forget about having a detailed description of your vehicle’s defect. It should contain the accurate information, including exactly when and how the problem occurred. You should keep in mind that the process of proving your case will become difficult if there is no accurate documentation concerning the vehicle’s defect.

Ensuring it is a lemon law case

One of the important steps that defective vehicle owners should take is making sure that their vehicles qualify under the lemon law. This means that in certain cases the defect occurs as a result of the vehicle owner’s misuse or some other reason. If this describes your situation, then cannot seek legal protection. That’s to say, you won’t get any refund. Thus, prior to filing a lawsuit, explore the requirement of the lemon law in your state.

Conducting a detailed research

As a rule, auto manufacturers issue technical service bulletins (TSBs) to dealerships. Why do they take this step? They aim to let dealers know about certain vehicle issues. So, you should find out whether there are TSBs concerning your vehicle. You can do it by contacting the service representative. If you discover there is a TSB regarding your vehicle’s problem, feel free to ask the service representative to notate it on your repair order.

Do you think your vehicle is a lemon? You shouldn’t panic or worry about it. Although it’s an unpleasant experience to find out that you are stuck with a defective vehicle, there is a solution to any problem. In this case, the wisest decision is consulting Hovanes Margarian, a knowledgeable and experienced lemon law lawyer who can inform you about your rights under the lemon law, handle your case in a professional manner and help you receive the compensation that you deserve.