Toyota Tacoma Trucks under a Safety Recall

Currently, Toyota Tacoma trucks are facing a safety recall. The recall applies to approximately 36000 Toyota Tacoma trucks of the model year 2016-2017 that come with 6-cylinder engines. It’s worth to point out that 32000 of these vehicles are in the U.S.  Others are located in the following countries: Mexico, Bolivia, Canada and Costa Rica. The goal of this recall is fixing certain issues, which result in engines’ misfiring and stalling.

The problem

According to the information provided by the automaker, the vehicles’ crankshaft timing rotor may have been built with too much anti-corrosion coating. This may cause Toyota Tacoma vehicles’ sensor to malfunction.

In addition to that, drivers become aware of this, when the extra coating kicks on a warning light. Simultaneously, the vehicle’s engine may run roughly, as well as misfire and stall.

Furthermore, the automaker mentions this problem may happen at any speed. Furthermore, the situation may especially become dangerous in case the vehicle stalls whenever you drive highway speeds.

Toyota didn’t provide more details concerning the recall. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) didn’t say more either.

Toyota Tacoma recall of May

It’s   essential to note Toyota Tacoma vehicles also experienced a recall in May. The recall included 228000 Toyota Tacoma vehicles of the model year 2016-2017. The problem was that these vehicles may leak oil. This may cause a driver to lose control of the truck.  The carmaker informed about 228 000 Toyota Tacoma trucks come with rear differentials which may damage and result in oil leaking.  When this damage occurs, drivers can hear the noise. In case of enough damage, the vehicle’s differential may seize.

The affected vehicle owners should take their vehicles to local dealerships. They will inspect the components of the vehicle’s rear differentials. The goal is looking for signs of oil leaks. In case dealers find signs of leaking oil, they will replace the rear differential gaskets, as well as install new fasteners.

According to Seward, one of the owners of 2016 Toyota Tacoma vehicles, after using the vehicle for a short timeframe, this person heard a whining noise in the rear of the truck. The affected vehicle owner also noted at 3400 hundred rear differentials went out.

Do you own one of the affected vehicles?

Are you the owner of the affected Toyota Tacoma truck of the model year 2016-2017? In this case, you will get a recall notice starting the next month. Don’t hesitate to take your truck to the local dealership and have the crank position sensors replaced. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for the service. It is free of charge. Do you still have questions? You had better call the automaker using the following number:  800-331-4331.

About Toyota Tacoma vehicles

Toyota Tacomas are pickup trucks. These vehicles were manufactured in the U.S. starting 1995 by the Japanese automaker Toyota. It is one of the best lightweight trucks, which is setting an industry standard for reliability, as well as capability.