TRW Ball Joints on Toyota Vehicles being Recalled

Actually, over 6200 TRW ball joints which were used on Toyota vehicles are a subject to a recall. The reason is that TRW ball joints are faulty and may cause drivers to lose steering control. The recall applies to the following Toyota vehicles that come with TRW ball joints: 4Runner, Sequoia and Tundra trucks and SUVs.

TRW Automotive says, both right and left lower ball joints have vented dust shields. These shields are on the ball joint studs, because of it various contaminants may penetrate.

According to the information provided by TRW, the ball joints were built February 2013 –July 2014. There is a danger that TRW ball joints may begin to wear out and loosen. As a consequence, the ball joint studs may separate from the steering knuckle. Thus, a driver may lose the steering control of the vehicle.

What should you do if you own one of the affected vehicles?

Are you the owner of Toyota 4Runner, Sequoia or Tundra vehicles? In this case, you should know that the exact recall date is still unknown. So, pay attention to notices from TRW Automotive on a regular basis. If you have questions concerning the recall, consider contacting the company at 248-863-2437.

About ZF Friedrichshafen

It’s essential to note that TRW Automotive is a manufacturer of different vehicle parts, including aftermarket ball joints. In fact, a large company ZF Friedrichshafen has owned TRW since 2015.

During the last few years this company was in the news. ZF electronic gear shifters used for Chrysler vehicles had defects and didn’t operate in a proper way. Moreover, the ZF shifter was also the focus of the lawsuit, as it became the reason of the actor Anton Yelchin’s death. This occurred when the actor’s Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled away. Unfortunately, the car crushed Yelchin against a fence and concrete mailbox.

Furthermore, these faulty shifters resulted in almost 700 complaints, as well as 266 car crashes and 68 injuries.  Also, the company recalled over 505000 transmission sensors, which it sold to various carmakers.